University Village


Applications for new residents open on April 10th at 9 AM!

Applications for new residents open on April 10th at 9 AM!

When does registration start?

 What do I need to apply?

  • Student ID number
  • Frequently checked email address
  • Permanent physical address
  • $50 application fee
  • $175 facility fee for the academic year
  • Proof of eligibility

What is proof of eligibility?

  • Government issued identification proving the student is 21 years or older or unofficial transcripts confirming completion of at least 24 semester units if attending Cal Poly Pomona (Can also be transfer units from another University).
  • For students from another academic institution, a copy of an ID or passport to verify that they are 18 years or older and proof that they are a full time student (ex: class schedule)

What is my pin number?

  •  Once registration is complete, a pin number will be emailed to the student. Student ID number and the pin number are used to log into the Village Portal to apply.

 If I decide not to live at the village can I have a refund?

  • The $50 Application fee and the facility fee(s) are NON-REFUNDABLE.

 What are timeslots?

  • Timeslots are times when individuals can pick their room, similar to registration times for classes. Please keep in mind an assigned time slot does not guarantee a room reservation.

How does roommate pairing work?

  • Ultimately each individual picks their own room assignment. If students would like to live together, they must coordinate it amongst themselves to choose the same apartment.

When will I be able to pick a room?

  • Once you complete your application you will be assigned a reservation time slot.
  • Time slots are given out once a day starting April 17th

Is my space confirmed?

  • To confirm your room the following must be completed:
  •  Academic year facility fee(s) must be paid
  •  Room must appear on confirmation sheet

License Agreement and Community Standards must be read and signed

For any housing questions please contact the Housing Coordinator Micah Espiritu at