COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Am I required to keep my license agreement at the Village? (UPDATED 3/18/2020)

While there are no confirmed or presumptive cases at Cal Poly Pomona or the University Village, in order to prevent the further spread of the virus, University Village residents are strongly encouraged to return home as soon as practical to prevent the spread of the virus.

Q: How can I cancel my license agreement? (UPDATED 3/18/2020)

To cancel your license agreement for the rest of the semester, submit a Cancellation Form. Printed cancellation forms can also be picked up from the University Village Front Office and outside the Student Leader Office in the Recreation Center.

Q: What do I need to do now that I have submitted my cancellation form? (UPDATED 3/18/2020)

To appeal the charges related to canceling your license agreement ($475 cancellation fee, 30 days rent) and/or request a prorated refund of your rent for the rest of the month, email an appeal to charges to the Associate Director for Housing Operations Regina Allison ( More information on what should be included in your appeal can be found here: Appeal to Charges. If you are canceling and moving out, please follow the steps below before checking out at the Front Office or using the dropbox in front of the Community Center:

  1. Communicate with your roommates about who plans on leaving/staying and who is responsible for cleaning, removing items, etc.
  2. Remove all of your own items from your bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and closet.
  3. Clean your room and what you can in the common areas. Do not leave a mess for your roommates to clean.
  4. Close and lock your bedroom door/windows prior to leaving.
  5. Check your mailbox one last time before checking out (even if you have not used it in a while).

When you are ready to check out during business hours, bring your apartment key, mailbox key, and gate card to the Front Office. If you have not already completed a cancellation form, you will be provided one to complete.

After hours, put your apartment key, mailbox key, and gate card in one of the white Foundation Payment Envelopes (in the Community Center Lobby or in front of the Student Leader Office in the Rec Center). You should also drop off your cancellation form as well.

Write your name, apt. #, and Student ID on the envelope and seal it.

Drop the envelope into the dropbox in front of the Community Center.

Q: Why won’t CPP close all housing? (UPDATED 3/18/2020)

We understand that in addition to the benefits of the on-campus housing program, some students will not have the option or may not be able to leave campus, thus it is important that our residential communities remain open. University Village staff will continue to support our students who are staying with us and can provide students with the necessary resources to successfully transition to virtual learning as outlined in President Coley’s email.

Q: Will RAs still live on campus to support us? (UPDATED 3/18/2020)

Yes. Residential staff will remain living on-campus and will continue to provide support for our residents.

Q: Will facilities staff still be available to respond to service requests? (UPDATED 3/18/2020)

Yes. Maintenance and custodial teams will continue operating within our residential communities and will continue to respond to service requests. Maintaining a clean-living environment is a community responsibility and an imperative for both personal and community health and well-being.

Q: Will community programs still be held? (UPDATED 3/18/2020)

Yes but not in person. Our Resident Advisors and Community Development team will be working to adapt both social and educational programming to help keep students engaged and safe within the community. Programming will be held virtually through social media and/or Zoom.

Q: Will community space still be available for use? (UPDATED 3/18/2020)

No, most community spaces will be closed to help promote social distance and help prevent further spread of the virus.

Q: Will I still have access to campus amenities?

This will be dependent on the building and services. Many campus amenities (BSC/BRIC/etc.) have closed and/or will be limiting services. Campus Dining will still be open in a limited capacity. Social distancing measures will be implemented in all buildings that remain open. Essential functions to support continued teaching, learning, and student services will continue.

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