Late Fee Appeal Information

Late Fee Appeal Information

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If you would like to request a Late Fee Waiver, please email the following information to Nancy O’Brien, Accounts Specialist at

    • Full name as it appears on your University Village License Agreement
    • Bronco ID Number or other Student ID Number
    • Building and Apartment Number
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Month you are requesting to pay late.
    • Date you will be able to pay fees.

All Late Fee Waiver request must be submitted prior to the payment due date. Requests submitted after the payment deadline will not be accepted.

Before submitting a Late Fee Waiver request via email, be aware that the late fee may be waived only for the month requested and only if all other fees are paid. Be sure to contact the University Village Front Office if you cannot pay by the date submitted with the Late Fee Waiver request.

Please Note: You will only be able to request to pay your fees late THREE times during the academic license period and ONCE during the summer license period. Further requests will not be accepted.

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