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1. How do I connect my phone or laptop to the WiFi?

2. My CPP WiFi connection disconnects?

If this happens, connect to eduroam.

3. How do I connect my PS4 or XBox?

You can only connect using a LAN connection. You have to use a (ethernet cable) going from the network port to your Playstation.

4. My network port in my bedroom isn’t working?

Make sure you’re using the correct port to connect your device. Most rooms have two ports that look similar.

5. My Roku, Firestick, Google Home mini device won’t connect to the wifi?

The wireless network is set to WPA2 and does not support wireless to wireless connection.

6. How do I connect my cable box?

Make sure the white coaxed cable is plugged into the wall and goes from the wall to the back of the cable box that says (cable in). Make sure you have a cable (AVI or HDMI) going from the back of your cable bc to your T.V.

7. Do I have to purchase a parking permit to get a sticker?

Yes. And if you never plan to park on campus, you still have to have a CPP permit to park on the property.

8. Can I use my parking permit on two vehicles?

Only if you have a car and a motorcycle. Each car registered must have its own permit.

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