Meal Plan FAQ’s

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Meal Plan FAQ’s

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All University Village residents will be required to have a meal plan, in case of quarantine or isolation. The campus dining facilities will be adjusting their occupancy, process, and hours to safely accommodate the dining needs of our residents. Meal plan options purchased through University Village are below:

Meal Plan FAQ’s:

Are meal plans required?

Meal plans are required for any student living in on campus housing. Village residents will automatically be assigned the lowest level plan (Plan A – 20 meal swipes and $200 Bronco Bucks) but you can upgrade to a bigger plan at any point. The amount of swipes/bucks on your plan are for the entire semester. They do not reset each month. They do not expire.

Is there a discount for paying the full amount?

You can see the pricing in the attached photo. If you pay the full amount on move in day, you will get a discount (also listed in the above photo).

Where can it be used?

Each plan comes with meal swipes which can be used for a meal at CenterPointe. They also come with an amount of Bronco Bucks which can be used at any restaurant on campus, any on campus groceries (Vista or Farm Store), or anything at the Book Store.

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