4. Facilities Ownership

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4. Facilities Ownership

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To view the full Community standard’s document, please check out the Forms and Documents page

Alteration and Care of Premises*

  1. Alterations, changes, remodeling, renovating, tampering, or removal (including but not limited to: painting, wallpapering, ceiling, electrical/mechanical fixtures, blinds, windows, window screens, cabinets, doors, landscaping, construction/building, etc.) of University Village property is prohibited.
  2. Throwing, projecting, dropping, shaking, hanging, climbing, or passing any object from the exterior(balcony, patio, porch, window, railing, roof, or ledge) of University Village property is prohibited.
  3. Placing, storing, hanging, affixing, or exhibiting any object (planter, hammock, clothesline, exterior television- radio aerial, satellite dish, signage, wiring, lighting, electrical appliance, ) on exterior wall, ceiling, window, roof, overhang/soffit, railing, or ledge of University Village property is prohibited.
  4. Outdoor patio chairs, small tables, and planters are permissible on exterior balcony, patio, and porch provided emergency exits/doors are not blocked. Items that are excessive or are not designed for outside use are prohibited.
  5. Use of the balcony, patio, porch, or window as a means of non-emergency entry or exit is prohibited.
  6. Exercise equipment and bulk furniture is prohibited.
  7. You are required to keep the housing unit and premises in a clean and sanitary condition. If your unit is found to be a health and safety violation, University Village staff may have the housing unit cleaned at the expense of the Resident, including pest control services if necessary.
  8. Storage and clutter on balcony, patio, porch, and landing is prohibited. Garbage or any other items, which contribute to the decline in the aesthetic or general condition of University Village property is prohibited. Excessive clutter and items stored in unauthorized areas will be removed and disposed of by University Village staff at the Resident’s expense.
  9. Residents are responsible for notifying University Village staff immediately regarding maintenance and pest control issues; not doing so will result in a resident being charged for damages, repairs, and services.
  10. Health and Safety Inspections will occur at least once per semester. The purpose of these inspections is to identify and address any health, safety, sanitation, and/or maintenance issues in University Village apartments. Residents will receive notification of the Health and Safety Inspection.


  1. Residents may possess, and use personal charcoal barbecues a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet from any University Village building. Gas and propane barbecues are prohibited.
  2. Residents must remain with hot BBQ’s at all times, dispose of all extinguished coals/ash in a trash receptacle, and clean the area after every BBQ’s are to be stored in a location not blocking any emergency exit or egress.
  3. Lighter Fluid and charcoals cannot be stored in the outdoor storage closet due to the water heater.
  4. The proper storage location for lighter fluid and charcoal are:

Phase I: Under the kitchen sink or inside the kitchen/hallway closet

Phase II: Under the kitchen sink or inside the kitchen/hallway closet

Phase III: Under the kitchen sink, inside the hallway closet, or in the side nook in the housing unit (next to dining room table)

Bicycles/Skateboards/Scooters/Motorized Vehicles

  1. Bicycles are permissible on University Village property; however, resident and guest assume all responsibility for damages to bicycle or damage to your housing unit due to bicycle storage.
  2. Bicycles may only be stored in the following designated areas and must not block any emergency exit or egress.
    1. Phase I: Storage closet, outside bike rack, and housing unit living room with the permission of all Residents within the housing unit (bicycle must be out of the way)
    2. Phase II: Bed space, storage closet, and outside bike rack
    3. Phase III: Bed space, side nook in the housing unit (next to dining room table), outside bike rack, or on the railing underneath the stairwell on the first floor only.
  3. All CPP campus, city, and state laws pertaining to bicycles and skateboard safety must be adhered.
  4. The riders of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. should enter, exit, and travel within and throughout University Village property with extreme caution, be aware of car traffic, and stay within their No riding/weaving in the middle of the street.
  5. The use of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. around/near/inside of the Community Center (300) or Recreation Center (200) is prohibited.
  6. Street and trick skateboarding is prohibited at the University This includes but is not limited to “ollying” off curbs, flip tricks, grinds/slides on curbs, and other dangerous or noisy skating.
  7. Residents agree to abide by all state and local driving laws and limit speed to under 10 miles per hour.
  8. “Tailgating” another car into University Village property is prohibited (one car per gate card swipe).
  9. Residents are prohibited from parking in “Village Staff” spaces (white) or in Service Vehicle spaces (orange) at all times.
  10. Motorized vehicles are not allowed in apartments or walkways. They must be stored in designated parking areas.
  11. Guests/Visitors/Non-residents should only park in visitor-approved parking lots: U-Lot and the Visitor Lot, and are not allowed to park in the University Village.

Furnishings and Appliances*

  1. Additional furnishings (including, but not limited to: couches, loungers, loveseats, sofas, beds, tables, desks, beanbag chairs, storage containers, amplifiers, mattresses, chairs, game tables, dart boards, exercise equipment, large bookshelves, large entertainment centers, kitchen carts, etc.) are prohibited.
  2. Prior approval by University Village staff must be obtained for additional small furnishings (limited to: bookshelves, TV stands, and night stands). The approval process includes an email to the Assistant Director for Community Standards and Wellness. The email should include: resident name and apartment, picture of item, and dimensions.
  3. Residents may request to replace a University Village-provided bed with a futon supplied by resident for use in resident’s bed space only. Approval is contingent on adherence to fire safety and egress regulations. A University Village furniture removal/replacement form available at the University Village front office and storage charge ($50.00) is due when requested. University Village staff will remove item upon approval of a request. Futon requests can be submitted at the University Village front office.
  4. Removal of University Village-provided furniture from the housing unit, or storage in outdoor storage closet is prohibited.
  5. Mini-refrigerators greater than 3.5 cubic feet, in-line water purification systems, lofts, electrical appliances used for heating or preparation of food (portable stoves, hot plates, etc.), portable dishwashers, halogen lamps, waterbeds, and washers or dryers are prohibited.
  6. Microwaves, toasters, and other cooking devices are only allowed in kitchen area for fire safety. Appliances must be directly supervised at all times while in use.


  1. Duplication or loaning of keys or gate cards is prohibited.
  2. Each Resident is responsible for their keys/gate cards and a fee will be charged if replacement need.
  3. Residents are responsible for carrying their keys with them at all times.

Pool, Recreation and Shared Areas*

  1. Residents and guest (1) are permitted to use the pool and recreation areas (basketball court, barbeque and picnic area, etc.) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday) and 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Saturday and Sunday). Unauthorized access to pool area after operating hours is prohibited.
  2. Residents are given priority in use of pool/recreation areas. The University Village reserves the right to refuse use of the pool. All persons under the age of 18 years old are prohibited from use of the pool and surrounding area.
  3. Alcohol and glassware is prohibited in pool and recreation areas.
  4. Camping on University Village property is prohibted.
  5. The Community Center and Recreation Center (including study areas and recreation areas) are for residents and guest use during posted operational hours. University Village Staff has priority over these areas, but residents do have the right to submit a space reservation request form to reserve certain communal areas for student club/organization activities by emailing the form to Your request must include the Resident’s name, club/organization, and activity details.
  6. The Laundry Room is to be used by residents only. Residents must abide by the guidelines posted.
  7. The Computer Lab is to be used by residents only. Residents must abide by all guidelines outlined in the Cal Poly Pomona Acceptable Technology Use Policy.
  8. Community Garden: For information, policies and guidelines, please email
  9. The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Drones are prohibited, in accordance with Cal Poly Pomona’s environmental health and safety policy. Approval may be granted by request with an approved Certificate of Authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration

*These policies may differ for University Village staff professionals who are required to live on the University Village property.