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Spectrum Cable Information

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Spectrum Cable Information

The University Village provides Spectrum standard cable TV service on one (1) digital converter and remote to the living room outlet of each apartment. The account for this outlet has been set up under Cal Poly Foundation Housing for billing purposes and will be unavailable to upgrade to other Spectrum digital packages, premium channels or pay per view movies.

You can order additional service to your bedroom but will need to establish an individual student account with Spectrum cable. Please call Time Warner at 866-886-7282 during normal business hours and a technician will be scheduled to meet with you.

Service and maintenance concerns associated with bedroom and/or living room cable television or Roadrunner internet are to be directly reported to Spectrum at 866-886-7282. The University Village is not responsible for the upkeep of cable television or Roadrunner internet service.

Spectrum Cable:
Phone: 866-886-7282

Village IT Work-order Form: Submit An IT Work-order
(Please use this Form for INTERNET, EMAIL, or other COMPUTER related issues only.)

For room maintenance issues, such as electrical, door, locks, or other similar issues please log into your account and make a work order request.
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