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Appeal to Charges Information

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In order to appeal a charge made to a University Village account, you must email a written Appeal to Charges to Regina Allison, the Associate Director of the University Village. The following information describes how to submit a written appeal.

Appeals must contain the following basic information:

    •  Your full name as it appears on your University Village License Agreement
    • Your Student ID Number
    • Current Apartment Number (if you still reside at the Village)
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Description of the charges you are appealing
    • Date charges were made
    • The location of the charge (if different than your current apartment)

Additionally, in your own words please provide detailed answers to the following:

    •  What are the circumstances regarding this charge?
    • Why you are appealing this charge?
    • What action are you requesting?
    • Any additional information you feel is relevant to the appeal

Please email all of the above information to the Associate Director of Housing, Regina Allison, at Appeals without the above information cannot be considered. Your appeal will be evaluated and a response will be sent to the email address the appeal was submitted from.

Please note the following:

  • Appeals must be submitted with 30 days of the charge date.
  • Every student is allowed one appeal of an administrative decision.
  • All appeals must be made in writing through email.
  • Please allow 7-10 business days for a decision on your appeal.
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