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The student and professional staff of the Residential Education department provides support and guidance for all Village residents as they encounter the challenges associated with college life.

The Assistant Directors, Area Directors, Community Development Specialist, and Student Leaders (Resident Advisors, Managerial Assistants, Community & Student Life Advocates, Sustainability Advisors, Health & Wellness Advisors) are responsible for the following essential functions within the Village:

    • provide an emergency on-call response
    • general advising, problem-solving and conflict resolution
    • co-curricular program planning designed to build the necessary skills to live successfully
    • facilitate mediation sessions and foster communication between roommates
    • hold students accountable for their actions through the student conduct process
    • ensure that student housing is safe, secure, attractive and well-maintained
    • conduct annual check-in and check-out processes and on-site inspections

The Residential Education staff challenge residents to learn about themselves, and to recognize and value all members of their community. This unit is charged with fostering student leadership through participation in Village programs, intramural teams, and interest groups. The Residential Education staff members have a lot to offer you!

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