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Staying on Top of Your Classes

Staying on Top of Your Classes

Create a Calendar

Create a calendar that includes key events such as your class times, important due dates, club/extracurricular activities, work schedules (if you have a part-time job), and payment dates of expenses. Creating a calendar can help keep track of due dates and also lessen the anxiety of having to keep it all in your head.

To-do List

Create a list of everything you need to do such as homework, workout, preparing meals, extracurricular tasks, etc. It helps to sort them in terms of easier to harder tasks to complete. If you get overwhelmed by your to-do list, it may help to jot down a single task you want to complete now on a sticky note and put away your to-do list. Once you’re done with the task, cross it off from your list This way, you are more likely to follow through each task as opposed to jumping from task to task.

Reviewing Your Notes

Taking good notes is very important for learning new concepts, but it’s not very useful when you don’t constantly review what you’ve learned. Spending a few minutes to review your notes is a good way of knowing the concepts you understand and avoiding having to “relearn” it the next time you look over them. It’s also helpful to test yourself each time you review your notes. This can help pinpoint concepts you need to spend more time and reinforce what you learn.