Visitor Parking and Move-In Parking FAQ

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Visitor Parking and Move-In Parking FAQ

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Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is available in the Visitor Parking Lot just right off Temple Ave in between South Campus Dr. and Valley Blvd. Free 30-minute visitor parking spaces are available in addition to the hourly parking spaces. To park in hourly parking spaces, please purchase a parking permit from the permit dispenser in the lot.

Visitors with student parking permits are allowed to park from 6:00 PM – 7:00 AM in the Village Visitor Parking Lot

For more information about permit dispensers and prices, please check visit CPP Parking Pay Stations.

For more information on Parking and Transportation Services at Cal Poly Pomona, please visit:

For information on resident parking, please check out Resident Parking Information page.

Move-In Parking FAQ:

Will the gate arm be up on move-in day?


If my family is helping me move in, will they be able to park on property while they are helping me?

Yes. The gate arm will be up on move-in day and Parking Services will not be ticketing that day. As a reminder, you can only have 2 (max) family members on-site to help you move.

What if I move in on a different day than move-in day, how will I get in the gate?

You will park in the Visitor Lot (on Temple Ave, directly across the street from BrewWorks) and then walk in through the entry way in that lot. If you walk directly in, you’ll see the Community Center and will check-in there. After you check-in, you can go to the Tech Center (located in the Village Recreation Center) for your gate card. In order to get the gate card, you need to have already purchased your parking permit through CPP and bring your permit with you (either the plastic one if you’ve received it or the printed temporary copy). If you will not be parking a vehicle at the Village during the year, you can go to the Tech Center to check-out a gate card. You will give the Tech Center an ID card (school ID or driver’s license) as collateral and will have to return the gate card once you’re done moving in. From there, you will return to your car, exit the visitor lot and enter the Village gate located on South Campus.

Can I open the gate to let Uber/Lyft/Insta-Cart/etc. in?

No. They have to meet you at Visitor parking lot.

What if my parking permit doesn’t arrive prior to me moving in?

When you purchase your parking permit, there is an option to print a temporary one. Print that and put it on your dashboard

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