Resident Parking and Gate Key Information

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Resident Parking and Gate Key Information

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On-site parking is available for Village Residents but a gate key is required. To apply for a University Village parking gate key, please visit the IT Office located in the recreational center. A valid Cal Poly Pomona parking permit (with an up to date sticker) is required. If you are not a Cal Poly Pomona student but are living at the village, a University Village parking pass will be issued. If you have any questions regarding resident parking gate keys, please contact the IT office:

Jermaine Hart
IT Office Coordinator

For more information on Parking and Transportation Services at Cal Poly Pomona, please visit

For information regarding visitor parking, please visit:

Visitor Parking and Move-In Parking FAQ for specific questions answered about visitor parking, or,
Visitor Parking and Police for maps and other general information

Do I have to purchase a parking permit to get a sticker?

Yes. Any student/staff parking on campus (Village is on campus) are required to have a parking permit. Even if you never plan to park at CPP campus, you still must have a CPP Permit to park on University Village property.

Can I use my parking permit on two vehicles?

Each vehicle must have a separate parking permit.

Do I need to get a parking permit if I won’t be parking a vehicle at the Village during fall semester?


Can I get a gate card if I won’t be parking a vehicle here?

No. Gate cards are only for students with registered CPP parking permits (with the exception of temp ones for move in).

Can I open the gate to let Uber/Lyft/Insta-Cart/etc. in?

No. They have to meet you at Visitor parking lot.

Is there assigned parking?

No. Only staff parking. Residents parking in staff parking spots will be ticketed.

How much is the parking permit?

The fall parking permit for CPP students is $231. For our residents who are not CPP students, the parking permit costs $115.50.

I heard Parking has a pass if you are only on campus Tues/Thur/Friday or Mon/Wed/Fri….can I get that instead?

No. The Village is considered on campus, so you are parking “on campus” seven days a week whether you park at the Village or on the main campus.

When can I get a fall parking permit?

Answer- They can be purchased starting August 9th on

What if my parking permit doesn’t arrive prior to me moving in?

When you purchase your parking permit, there is an option to print a temporary one. Print that and put it on your dashboard

How do I get a gate card to enter the gate?

Once you have your parking permit, bring it into the Tech Center (located in Village Rec Center) along with your ID and vehicle information and you will be issued a gate card.

Do I need a special sticker to park at the Village?

Yes. Once you get your permit (the physical one not temporary one), bring it into the Tech Center and you will be given a Village sticker to place on it which says you are a resident and allowed to park on property. If you do not have the sticker, Parking may ticket you. You will need a new sticker each semester.

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