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Laundry FAQ

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Do I pay for laundry?

No, laundry services are free

What are the laundry room rules and etiquette?

  • Do not use more than two machines at a time
  • Do not remove someone else’s laundry from a machine
  • Change clothes from washer to dyer in a timely manner
  • Pick up your completed laundry in a timely manner
  • Contact RA on Duty if you have any questions or concerns

Is there a “Lost and Found”?

Yes, please contact the Front Office during business hours. Please be aware unclaimed laundry is cleared out every Friday.

Who do I contact if I see unauthorized people using the facility?

Contact the RA on Duty at 909-762-8286

Is there a laundry app?


  • Download the Speed Queen App
  • Add location
  • Select the machine and be notified by email or text message

What happens if I leave my laundry in the laundry room for a day or two?

If your laundry is not picked up by Friday, it will be donated.

Can my friends use the laundry room here?

No. The Laundry room is for residents ONLY. Do not let anyone besides residents use it.

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