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Tips on how to de-stress by Mandana Jahangirian

Tips on how to de-stress by Mandana Jahangirian

We understand it all too well- the adrenaline rushing, your heart racing, the headaches, emotional changes, and the feeling of exhaustion and frustration. You are stressed and with every passing moment, it may seem impossible to handle. But do not worry, when stress suddenly hits you, try these following 5 tips and see which one helps you the most:

Change the environment

If the environment you are currently in is making you stressed, find a way to de-stress by doing an activity that makes you feel at ease, whether it be reading, watching tv, using bath bubbles/salts, cooking, photography, or being crafty. Even if it means needing to step outside, take that time for yourself and remove yourself from the current situation to get a breath of fresh air.

Practice your meditation

Meditation does not always mean burning incense and crossing your legs. It is about your breathing and quieting your whole being. Tuning out external and internal noise, learning to breathe in complete silence to heal oneself. Notice your breathing tactics to ensure you are taking deep breaths, focus on breathing in and out, and push away any doubting thoughts.

Get physical

Exercise can be one of the biggest stress relievers, doing any sort of activity such as running, biking, swimming, basketball, volleyball, baseball, etc, can help realign your focus into a positive way and reduce stress. Endorphins are released (happy chemicals in the brain), leaving you feeling better.

Express your feelings

Keeping things bottled up will only add to your worried and frustrated state, some ways you can release those feelings is by attaching them to paper or talking about it. You can write or draw your stress away, talk to a therapist, or chat your feelings to a trusted friend while out at a restaurant or in the comfort of a home.

Trust your senses

Every single one of your senses are all important in their own way, doing activities that help heighten your senses can be therapeutic for your stress. Whether it be eating various delicious foods, playing with playdoh and stress balls, breathing in your favorite essential oils, listening to your favorite songs, and watching your favorite videos. Everything you do can have an adverse effect on you, so let’s make sure it is a positive one.


You do not have to use every tip listed in this article, but if you happen to find out that one or a few of these tips work well for you, I recommend sticking to those methods and turning to them in a time of need.