Meet the Village’s Student Staff!

Meet the Village’s Student Staff!

Karim Andrawis 4th year Mechanical Engineering

Karim Andrawis, Mechanical Engineering, 4th year, RA

Career choice: Themed Entertainment Engineering, I would love to build rides for them parks one day!

My favorite place to be at is at the beach with my skateboard. Going on long rides by the beach helps me self-reflect on things and re-gain my peace when I need a break.Venice Beach and Santa Monica are one of my favorite spots.


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Raquel Alba, Early Childhood Studies, 2nd year transfer student, RA

Career choice: I plan on being an elementary school teacher, hopefully 3rd grade.

My favorite animal is probably an elephant, they’re cute and super smart. I currently have 9 pets at home. 2 red eared slider turtles, 3 birds (2 green cheek conures/1cockatiel), 4 dogs (1 golden retriever/3 chihuahuas). We don’t own cats but we feed the stray cats in our neighborhood and have shelter for them outside of our house so it feels like they’re ours. All but 2 of our pets were rescues. I was lucky enough to have an understanding mom growing up so she always let me take in dogs I found in the streets, possibly where my love for animals began.


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Arianna Medina, Marketing Management with a minor in Finance, 2nd year, RA

My favorite self care activity is to set aside time for a long bath, light candles, and play soft music to help relieve stress! I also like to repeat a mantra that includes positive affirmations which relaxes me whether I’m nervous before a test, presentation, or when I’m upset. I highly recommend, it really helps!