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Winter Blues by Mandana Jahangirian

Winter Blues by Mandana Jahangirian

With the changing seasons, comes with the changing moods. It is not uncommon to feel any form of sadness, irritability, or less energetic during this winter season. With the following tips, you may be able to uplift your spirit out of the winter blues.

Active Lifestyle:

With gloomy and cold days, it may be difficult to pull yourself out of bed. It is good to keep in mind to keep yourself active and moving about. Focus on your passions and whatever can keep you moving forward, whether it be school, work, friends, family, etc. Tough days can be difficult to feel any form of motivation or empowerment, but by surrounding yourself with the things that you love, it can make the gloomy days a little brighter. On top of that, physical exercise has proven to increase better moods, so if hitting the gym or doing yoga at home makes you happy and active, then do whatever you need to stay active.

Light Your Spirit Up:

Winter being as dark as it can affect out moods, so be sure to brighten up your life with a lot of lights whether it be a lamp, Christmas lights, twinkling lights, fairy lights, etc. Even lights that mimic natural lighting can help.

Positivity Matters:

It can be easier to be negative than positive, so be sure to take some time in the day to express a form of gratitude and the positive things in your life. Whether it is writing them down in a journal, verbally telling people, or expressing them by living it, keep those positive vibes and energy in your life.

Talk Through It:

Talking about how we feel can be more therapeutic than we realize. Whether you choose to talk to trusted friends or see out professionals, opening up can help relieve the burden that you may have never known was there. Feeling blue can have us thinking that no one else feels the same way, but by expressing our thoughts, we can discover that we are not alone and trading tips and stories can help us in feeling less alone. If it comes to the point where barely functioning is a new norm or that your sadness continues for weeks, consider reaching out to a counselor or professional who can help.

In some parts, the weather tends to keep us bound up in our own homes, yet that should not stop us from having fun. Plan a fun night with your friends or treat yourself to something you know you will enjoy. Start a new hobby or experience something new that you have always wanted to try. The opportunities are endless and making a list of things you want to do can help you plan out those winter days filled with activities.